Pack your bags and give the academy a RAIN check

“Life is a beautiful thing. 

Pack a bag, make a playlist.

 Watch the world. 

Don’t speak. Just listen”. 

Famous words by my future boyfriend John Mayer (denial is a better way).

1474382035_luggageFeeling inspired? I know I am. If you’re tired of a 9:00-6:00 job, if you’ve been feeling like work is a prison, if you think you’re in a rut and if you’re done with thick travel guides that barely give you any information, then this one is for you. 9 DESTINATIONS with just the kind information you need. So bring out your knives as I serve you the ‘perfect weekend getaway plan’ on a silver platter.


Distance: 211 km from Delhi

Travel Time:  Around 3 hours

Get lost in the history of India and peep into the lives of Mughal emperors. Agra which is one of the most famous cities in India is known for being birth place of one of the nine wonders of the world. The Taj Mahal which was built by Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz, is a work of art and not to be missed while you’re in the city. Local sweets are another thing to add to the list. Take some time out to try the delectable ‘Petha’, an Indian sweet made of ash gourd vegetable is available in different flavours and colours. So take the chance to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Distance:  477 Km from Delhi

Travel Time:  Around 7 hours

1474382276_movie-02Why: Also known as ‘the jewel of Punjab’, the city is full of historical sites and delicious food. Amritsar houses the famous Golden Temple, one of the most sacred pilgrimage spots for Sikhs. It is called the Golden Temple because of its iconic golden dome. Visitors are expected cover their head while they’re in the temple premise. Make room for a giant glass of meethi lassi’ in your stomach and traditional juttis in your suitcase.


Distance:  165 km from Delhi

Travel Time:  Around 3 hours

Why: Situated within the grand Aravalli hills, the Siliserh lake is a ‘must visit’ when you’re in Alwar. Put your headphones on and get lost in the beauty. Take a short trip to the Government Museum and explore the lives of Rajputs and Mughals. Entry fees is 5 rupees, and believe me it’s a bargain.


Distance:  236 km from Delhi

Travel Time:  Around 5 hours

Why: Surround yourself with oak and pine trees as you drive up to Lansdowne. This place is the perfect destination for a road trip as the entire stretch from Delhi to Lansdowne is covered by the National highway. The cantonment town is full of eateries so don’t stop yourself from splurging. The local markets are yet another attraction of this peaceful place. Escape the heat by driving up to Lansdowne and enjoy the pleasant whether.


Distance:  228 km from Delhi

Travel Time:  Around 5 hours

Why: Bring out your walking shoes and sports wear cause it’s time to go to Rishikesh. Adventure seekers get ready for rafting and trekking cause June-July are the best months for river rafting. The packages also include cliff diving and camping. Rishikesh is an ideal choice for a weekend getaway for those seeking tranquility. Keep your evenings free for sitting infront of the bathing ghat and enjoy the amazing sight of the evening  aarti while the temples chant hymns and pilgrims offer prayers.


Distance:  269 km from Delhi

Travel Time:  Around 5 hours

Why: Also known as the pink city because of the colour of the stone exclusively used for the construction of all the structures, Jaipur is the best place to visit if you’re in the mood to educate yourself about culture and arts. The celebrated past of Jaipur comes alive in the palaces and forts that were the residence of the royal families. Jaipur Literature Festival’ which is one of the largest free literature festivals, takes place in Jaipur in the month of January. Variety of goods available in stores, makes Jaipur an excellent place to shop. Some of the most popular items are bangles, silver jewellery, clothes and textiles.


Distance:  340 km from Delhi

Travel Time:  Around 7 hours

Why: Looks like I saved the best one for the last. A walk along the Mall road is an order when you’re in Mussoorie. The Mall road is one of the major attractions of the city and known for shops that sell tibetan jewellery and glass rings. Kempty fall, which is one of the most popular spots in Mussoorie, is every nature lover’s dream come true. The falls, situated mid way between the Dehradun-Mussoorie path, are amazingly thrilling and beautiful to look at.

Now that you have a tailor made guidebook, all you need to do is put some stuff in a bag and take off. Remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Spend this weekend on the road. Happy travelling!

Please note: Travel time can vary depending on the means of travel and traffic.


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